Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tales of The Hael Lords: Part One - The Coming of the Haelic People

Long after elves had left the valley and longer after the dwarves of Har Hundir had sunk their mirky mines deep into the peaks of the western talons of the Dragon's Claw Mountains, and ancient hero of man, exiled from his people and cast under the auspices of a traitor set foot on the rocky shores to the South.

His name was Svartsok and it meant "Dark Heart" but this was not an endorsement of his brand as a villain, but more a prophecy cast upon him by a skald when just a child.

"Two shall be born of one dark one fair but judge yee not by their strands of hair," were the words of the skeld to this Haelic hero's mother as he and his twin were handed to her - Svartsok with his raven's black locks and his brother Guldi with hair like gold.

It had been his name and the heavy weight his heart had carried since his mother's death tha haunted Svartsok and led some to believe the rumors and lies about his nature. It was not until he slew the savage fire demon, Sutzarf while defending the Haelic colony of Aesligard and its queen Aeslig that his true heroic nature was revealed. Unfortunately, this deed came to late and was not enough to save Queen Aeslig, leaving Svartsok at the mercy of Aeslig's jealous and kraven brother Cormwyr. When Svartsok's fame began to eclipse the majesty of Cormwyr's rule, the treacherous king banished the hero and all who swore kinship to him.

So northward they went and found a misty, rocky shoreline rich with fish, beasts and long, straight-timbered trees. Here would be where they would build their new settlement of Betisport. Here they would build a thriving community that would go on to spawn all the settlements of Vale.

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