Monday, December 07, 2009

Widders - Hands and Hearts

Widders are a strange sort of psuedo priest and hedge wizard combined, though no Widder would ever concede to such an identity. More so the Widders of veil see themselves as simple wisemen and women, possessed of an acumulated knowledge based on common sense and a straight forward view of the world around them.

The Widders function more on a level like a friendly neighbor and local healer/sage. They often know things that others do not, about their home and the valley as a whole. These secrets and valuable tidbits of knowledge are often handed down from one Widder to another as they are trained.

The wise ones' powers are nowhere near that of the priests and clerics of other lands but they are no less valuable to the rustic communities which they serve. On more than one occasion a community or lost traveller has owed their life to the capable and crafty hands and skills of the local Widder.

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Steve Finnell said...


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