Saturday, December 17, 2005

Gaman Duir - Great City of Gallow

Across the northern expanses of the Dragon's Claws, beyond the Gully Downs there is a rocky prominence upon which is build the principal city of the Kingdom of Gallow. This city, the only such city in the kingdom, is known as Gaman Duir, "Fortress of Lords". It is the capital city of Gallow and a formidable fortress to be sure. Perched upon it's lofty rock, it commands the open ground that surrounds it for miles. Within Gaman Duir can be found a host of Gallow's finest warriors including the Gwaeth, who are powerful and fierce horse warriors recruited from the Roth Thane, a barbaric tribe of horse nomads which settled in the eastern reaches of the Harian Steppes.

Gaman Duir is noted for its thick walls, carved from local rock and then fused through an ancient technique which uses intense fires to meld the cut stones back into the surrounding rock once they are placed. These walls are nearly impenetrable and have resisted centuries of attackers. The primary gate of Gaman Duir is known as the Hath Mor or "Hero's Gate" and is the only rout by which any force may approach the city. At it's center and highest point, the city is crowned by the Gaman Vald or "Hall of Lords".

The Gaman Vald is the home of the High Lady of Gallow, The Haria, and her household. From here, she commands her vassals, the various Clan Lords or Herns, and is protected by the Gwaeth, her personal bodyguard and shock troops. The Haria rules through strength and the clever manipulation of her Herns. Each Hern is in direct command of his clan but is beholdent to the Haria for land grants and the "official" validation of his claim to territory.

Also to be found in Gaman Duir are the mystical advisors to the Haria. A trio of sister witches known and Gulders. The Gulders are seers of renown and Haria for generations have cultivated their bloodline like a fine wine to perfect their powers of foresight. The sisters are present for all councils and the Haria often defers to them before making any major military or governmental decision. This is not to say that the Haria is dependent on them, but their value is widely accepted. Being sacrosanct, the Gulders are free to speak their prophecy without fear of reprisal. Even the Haria, by law, faces execution if she were to seek revenge for an unfavorable prophecy.

From Gaman Duir, the Haria maintains rulership over Gallow's vast open expanses all the while having the perfect vantage to watch the passes to the South that lead to the fertile valleys of of the Dragon's Claw Mountains and the Shire of Vale. It is also from here that raids into the Gully Downs are conducted in hopes of eventually taking that free-spirited, richly fertile region for the greater benefit of Gallow.


alexpainer said...

And the possibility of a turncoat Guider? Bred to be loyal as well i supposed but who knows what might happen...

Star Emu said...

Turncoat Gulders would be rare, but I'm sure that such a thing has come about.