Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Homeland: There's No Place Like Home - For Adventure

Homeland is my new Dungeons and Dragons: 3rd Edition campaign that I'll be starting this Winter. The concept of Homeland is just what its name implies - a tale of the character's homeland and all the adventures that can occur close to home.

The idea was for a game that would center around a very detailed and fleshed out central location which the players would either be residents of natives of. In the game we would try to keep as much of the action as close to home as possible. This is not to say that the characters will never leave their home but I do want to keep things centralized as much as possible to enhance the grounded, emotional context of the game.

Hopefully all will go well. So sit back and enjoy the ride with me.
My hope is that the players will become invested in the setting as much as I, its creator, have become. If all goes well, the players and their characters will find themselves intertwined and eventually wound up in the trials and tribulations of the land they call home. Not only does this give them a chance for rich character development, but it also gives me a rare opportunity to develop a vast panoply of characters, settings and other features. World building on a micro scale.


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